Mouse Fishing Lure Lifelike Bionic Rat, Snakehead Topwater Rat Lure

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  • 1. Designed to have long distance casting ability so you can cover more water and catch more fish.
  • 2. Equipped with 2 sets of sharp treble hooks which made of high-strength stainless steel.this hooks are coated with antioxidants to keep sharp and glistening.
  • 3. Built-in metal balls: as the head and tail swing, the metal balls collide each other and making a sound that attracts the attention of the fish.
  • 4. 3D lifelike make the bait looks like real mouse swimming in the water during fishing.
  • 5. Flat double ring, more robust, withstand higher weight.

Snakehead Topwater Rat Lure

Product Details:

Material: Environmental ABS

Hooks: 2*strong triple hooks

Eyes: 3D Laser Eyes

Surface: Excellent Bright Paint

Ring: Strong Flat Ring




1pc* mouse lure



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DLS001, DLS002, DLS003, DLS004, DLS005, DLS003-05, DLS001-02, DLS003-04, DLS002-03


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