BLADERTAIL Fishing lures Wobbler Tail, Snakehead Buzzbait

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Kingdom BLADERTAIL VIB Fishing lures Lead Jigging Hard Lure Tail Vibration produces sound Sinking Artificial Baits Wobblers Fishing Tackle

It features two types of actions, a straight surface retrieve to mimic top feeding, and a sink and draw that gives life like actions.
Available in a range of sizes and weights, allowing different sink rates from slow, fast to extra fast that will cover a variety of conditions and water depths.
These little lures are ideal targeting Sea Bass as they are a perfect bait fish imitation, also great for a variety of other sea fish species like Sea Trout, Mackerel, pollock etc.
It’s not only sea fish but also accounted for many trout, perch and a many other freshwater predatory fish.
One thing in particular I like about there lures are their versatility. You can fish them on a straight retrieve pretty much on the surface but can drop them down and sink. Ideal for even the roughest of ground.
It Equips with A shiny Spoon, The Spoon will vibrate with high speed under water to make sound to attract the attention from the fish. Makes a great snakehead buzzbait
Lead counterweight on the head,reasonable distribution of center of Gravity. Good for reducing air resistance ,increase the ability for far casting.
The surface of spoon can reflect the light which attract the attention form fish,The Spoon Can be easily take off, the anglers can change to another size of spoon depends on different circumstances
The head is heavier,center of gravity will move forward to avoid stuck by the obstacles, reduce the possibility of losing the bait
When it hits the water, it will produce lots of water wavrs to attract fish to attack
High quality swivel accessories is used to maximze the ability of rotation of the spoon to reach the best result of attracting fish
Fish Species: All Freshwater, All Saltwater, Bass, Bluefish, Chub, Cod, Mackerel, Perch, Pike, Pollock, Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Seabream, Snapper, Snakehead Buzzbait

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V01, V02, V03, V04, V05, V06


48mm 9.5g, 54mm 15g


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