SeaKnight FALCON 7.2:1 8.1:1 High Speed Baitcasting Reel 190g Super Long Casting Fishing MAX Drag Power 18LB Short Shaft Spool

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SeaKnight FALCON 7.2:1 8.1:1 High Speed Baitcasting Reel 190g Super Long Casting Fishing MAX Drag Power 18LB Short Shaft Spool
1, 10 Stainless Ball Bearings + 1 Stainless Roller Ball Bearing Provides Smooth Operation (2 Japan NMB included) 
2, 5*6 Total 30 pin New Generation Micro Magnetic Brake System for Super Long Casting
3, New Design of Frame for More Lightweight, 190g only
4, Aluminum Spool with Short shaft, Hollow-carved Design, 13g only
5, X-SHIP Gear System gives a Lighter Reeling Strong Against Heavy Loading up to 18 LBs
6, 4 Disks Carbon Fiber Drag System Provide Powerful Drag Performance
7, Durable Heat Resistant Ceramic Line Guide
Product Details:
FALCON HG | Gear Ratio: 7.2:1 | Weight: 190g | Bearings: 11BB | Max Drag: 8KG | Line Capacity: 0.33mm-100M
FALCON XG | Gear Ratio: 8.1:1 | Weight: 190g | Bearings: 11BB | Max Drag: 7KG | Line Capacity: 0.33mm-100M
Package List:
1pc * Fishing Reel; 
1pc * Instructions;
Original box packing;
Short shaft, hollow-carved design
Lightweight Aluminum Spool
30Pin Magnetic Brake System
5*6 total 30Pin Precise Adjustment
0-2Pin: for super long casting – Heavy bait
2-4Pin: General purpose
4-5Pin: for beginner – Light bait
10 Magnetic Beans + 30Pin Magnetic Brake System
New generation micro magnetic brake system for accurate control, 10 magnetic beans placed to optimize the magnetic affect on the ported aluminum spool, offers ultimate casting control.
Brass Gear 7.2:1/8.1:1 
7.2:1 and 8.1:1 high speed gear ratio and precision matched brass drive gear and pinion gear for durability and smoothness.
X-SHIP gear system gives a lighter reeling strong against heavy loading up to 18 LBs, improves efficiencies of gears, longer casting without noise.
Low Centry of Gravity Design
More stable operation, better grip, strong felling
4 Disks Carbon Drag System
4 Disks carbon fiber star drag system provide powerful drag performance, that delivers up to 17.6 lbs/8kg of fish stopping power.
Japan NMB Ball Bearings
There are 2 Japan NMB bearings as high speed rotation bearing.
10+1BB Provides Smooth Operation
Uses 2 Japan NMB ball bearings on spool and side cover, 4 stainless steel bearings on handle and 4 shielded stainless steel bearings provide effortless casts smooth, speedy retrieves and long casting, plus an instant stop anti-reverse bearing for a total of 10+1 BB.  
Smaller and Lighter, 190g only
The Falcon reel is SeaKnight‘s smallest frame casting reel that fits perfectly and comfortably in the palm of your hand, for long casting fishing and more lightweight.
Aluminum Spool with Short Shaft, 13g only
Short shaft, hollow-carved design
CNC machined Aluminum spool provides strength without adding excess weight for smooth casting. 
Aluminum Handle 
The compact design of the handle and the star drag knob is more ergonomic, the lightweight aluminum handle with soft EVA knob, for long time fishing.
Ceramic Line Guide
Durable heat resistant ceramic line guide, dissipates heat more efficiently, gives the smooth casting feel.
Left Hand: Left handed reel, crank with left hand
Right Hand: Right handed reel, crank with right hand
Question 1 :
Can be used in both freshwater and saltwater?
No, FALCON series is a freshwater reel.
Question 2 :
Does this reel really have 11 bearings?
YES, totally 11 high performance ball bearings, includes 2 Japan NMB ball bearings , 4 stainless steel bearings and 4 shielded bearings and an anti-reverse bearing.
If you can’t find 11 bearings, please leave us a message, we will help you to find all of them. 
Question 3 :
Does the reel have spare spool? how can i buy it?
YES,it have shallow spare spool for selling.
If you haven’t buy the reel,check the size choice carefully before you place a order. one is only reel,another is set including reel and shallow spool.
If you have bought the reel and want spare spool,please send the shallow spool picture to us, we will tell you how to buy extra shallow spool.
Spool weight is about 14g.
Question 4 :
What’s the brake system?
It is magnetic brake system which includes 10 magnetic beans placed to offers ultimate casting control and 30 pin to provide precise adjustment.
Question 5:
What’s the suitable lure weight for FALCON?
Generally speaking, we suggest you use 5-30g lure for fishing.
Question 6:
What’s carrier company of russian warehouse and spain warehouse.
Russian warehouse first choice is CDEK-RU,if can’t arrives, will deliver to you by russian post office.
Spain warehouse,to spain is spain post office,to other countries is GLS company.
Question 7:
What will I receive after purchase?
1pc * Fishing Reel;1pc * Instructions; Original Box Packing, the box is printed with product parameters.
Question 8:
I am used to hold the rod with my right hand, how should I choose the reel hand?
Please choose the Use Model: Left Hand.



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7.2 Left, 7.2 Right, 8.1 Left, 8.1 Right, 7.2 Left with Spool, 7.2 Right with Spool, 8.1 Left with Spool, 8.1 Right with Spool




CHINA, Russian Federation, Spain, Brazil


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