KastKing MegaJaws Baitcasting Fishing Reel Gear Ratios From 5.4:1 To 9.1:1 11+1BBs With Magnetic Braking System 8KG Max Drag

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Product Features:

1.Super Long-Cast System & Slick Design – The MegaJaws unique KastKing LFTV (Low Friction Tapered Vortex), funnel shaped line guide greatly reduces line friction, giving you super long casts. 
2.Color-Coded System –  KastKing has given the MegaJaws unique colors for each gear ratio so you can quickly identify the right reel for the job and gain a competitive advantage to win bass fishing tournaments. Select from 5.4:1. 6.5:1, 7.2:1, and one of the fastest ratios in the market — 9.1:1.
3.Powerful Components – MegaJaws bait casters are full featured, tournament ready reels in every way. 11+1 double shielded stainless steel bearings throughout; The manganese brass pinion and main gears and a nickel-coated brass worm drive gear provide strength, durability and consistent performance for freshwater or saltwater fishing. 
4.Attention to Detail – Command your fishing situation with CNC Aluminum spools for amazing casts, a powerful aluminum handle with comfortable rubber cork knobs, and a spool tensioning knob with click stop adjustments. The unique MegaJaws magnetic casting control system features 8 magnets with 10 adjustment settings that control backlash and overruns. Easy access lubrication and drainage ports provide long-term performance and simple maintenance. 

Powerful and Reliable
1.High Density Graphite Frame
2.Aluminum Handle
3.Magnetic Braking System Dial
4.Rubber Cork Handle Knoubs

12 MegaJaws 800x700

Structure Details

13 MegaJaws 800x700

Inspired by the Lord of the Seas

03 MegaJaws 800x700 (2)-02

Color-coded Gear Ratio

04 MegaJaws 800x700 (3)

3 Different Spools for Different Usages
Standard Spool: for standard use
Bait Finesse Spool: for finesse fishing, Ideal lure range: 3g-10g
Long Casting Spool: for long casting, Ideal lure range: 10g-50g
02 MegaJaws 800x700 (2)

Easy Access Lubrication and Drainage Ports
Makes maintenance simple

05 MegaJaws 800x700 (4)-02

Up to 8KG Smooth Drag

Four carbon fiber drag washers

06 MegaJaws 800x700 (5)-02

11+1 Double Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

07 MegaJaws 800x700 (6)

Precision Components
1.Brass Drive Gear 
2.Brass Drive Shaft
11 MegaJaws 800x700

Captive Tension Knob with Click Detents 
Prevents accidental loss of knob

08 MegaJaws 800x700 (7)-02

KastKing LFTV(Low Friction Tapered Vortex), Funnel Shaped Line Guide
Greatly reduces line friction, giving you super long casts
1.Wider Line Guide Cone
2.Standard Line Guide

02 MegaJaws 800x700 (8)

8 Button Magnetic Brake System with 9 Levels of Adjustment for Eliminating Backlashes
P0 Ideal for downwind and pro angler
P1-4 Ideal for long casting and heavy lures
P5-6 Perfect for a wide variety of lures
P7-9 Perfect for green hands. Ideal for strong wind and dead wind

02 MegaJaws 800x700 (9)

Finely Machined Brass Main Gear
Tough, durable, delivers smooth and reliable returns

02 MegaJaws 800x700 (10)

Low Profile Design

02 MegaJaws 800x700 (12)

14 MegaJaws 800x700-02

16 MegaJaws 800x700

Turning the handle with your left hand is left-handed, turning with right hand is right-handed.

02 MegaJaws 800x700 (1)

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BFS Blue, Long Cast Silver, Long Cast Black, Silver, Black, Red, Blue


Left Hand, Right Hand


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