KastKing Kodiak Full Metal Body Design 11 BBS 18KG Drag Power Fishing Reel 5.2:1 Gear Ratio Larger Aluminum Spool Spinning Reel

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– carbon fiber drag system,  39.5Lb/18KG  (4000&5000 seriesmax drag power

– No-flex solid aluminum alloy body and rotor, yet light weight

– CNC machined aluminum spool

15% stronger stainless steel main shaft

10+1 shielded stainless steel bearings

– Enhanced brass gears and stainless steel components

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KastKing Kodiak Saltwater Spinning Reel –with an amazing 39.5 LB/ 18 kg of trophy fish stopping carbon fiber drag, all superior hard anodized aluminum alloy construction body, rotor, and spool, 10 1 shielded stainless steel bearings, brass gears, enhanced stainless steel main shaft is 15% larger in diameter for more strength, direct drive, machined interchangeable right hand or left hand aluminum handle with EVA power knob.


KastKing® Kodiak all aluminum alloy spinning reels are strong, powerful, yet light weight. The Kodiak fishing reel available in 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 sizes offer you one spinning reel that can handle almost any specie in saltwater or fresh water. Spool up a Kodiak spinning fishing reel with KastKing braided line and go trophy fishing with confidence. KastKing® Kodiak spinning reels come with a one-year warranty for recreational use.KastKing® is an ICAST Best of Show award winning manufacturer.  The KastKing® Kodiak is a bear of a reel!

Questions & Answers

Question 1 :

How to switch the handle to be right and left hand?


Easily…once the handle is removed, there is a cap that must me take off…all can be done without tools.

Question 2:

Does this reel have reverse switch?


Yes,the KastKing Kodiak has a reverse switch.

Question 3:

What’s the material of spool?


Aluminum spool with large line capacity

Question 4 :

Can be use in both freshwater and saltwater ?


Yes,It is fine to use in saltwater, but you need to clean and lubricate after use

Question 5 :

Is this really 18.0KG of drag?


Only on the 4000 & 5000 series. You can view all drag data on each size in the description of the listing.

Question 6 :

How to get extra part of this reel?


Please leave us a message about you needs, and quotation will be given within 24 hours

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Additional information


1000 Series, 2000 Series, 3000 Series


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