KastKing Crixus Baitcasting Fishing Reel Dual Brake System 7+1, Best Snakehead Reel

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1.Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel – Fish like a gladiator! KastKing Crixus Baitcasting reels are designed for exceptional value and performance.  This makes it a perfect snakehead fishing reel.
2.Tournament Proven Components – Crixus casting reels feature heavy duty brass main and pinion gears that deliver long life, higher speeds and low noise. The lightweight aluminum handle has comfortable, slip resistant Super Polymer grips, unheard of at this price, for all day fishing comfort!  This also what makes it the best snakehead reel for the money in our opinion. 
3.Smooth and Reliable Carbon Disc Drag – KastKing Crixus reel features an exceptionally smooth and powerful (4)-carbon disc drag system that delivers over 8KG. of fish stopping drag power. The drag is infinitely adjustable, which allows you to use lighter fishing line, with a lightweight aluminum, star-shaped drag knob.
“This reel can be coupled with the Piscifun Serpent baitcasting rod which we believe to be one of the best snakehead fishing combos for under $100.  It’s the combination of strength, durability and technology that make this such a winning combo for snakehead fishing in our mind.  Spool up some 35lb+ braided fishing line and be confident you can pull in even the most powerful of snakeheads in the thickest vegetation” – opinion
Structure Details
Crixus BC 800x700 (11)
Powerful and Reliable
1.High Density Graphite Frame
2.Aluminum Handle
3.Magnetic Braking System Dial
Crixus BC 800x700 (8)
Up to 8 kg of Smooth Drag
Triple disc carbon fiber drag
Crixus BC 800x700 (6)
Fast Retrieve 7.2:1 Gear Ratio(for Dark Star Series only)
Catch up quickly with fish
Crixus BC 800x700 (5)
Precision Components
1.Brass Drive Gear 
2.Brass Drive Shaft
Crixus BC 800x700 (7)
Magnetic Braking System: 8-pc Magnetic Brake
Avoid overruns and backlashes with baits of any size
Crixus BC 800x700 (4)
Double Shielded Stainless Stell Ball Bearings
Reduce noise and increase performance and casting distance
Crixus BC 800x700 (3)
CNC Machined Aluminum U-shaped Spool
For longer casts and higher fishing line capacity making it the best snakehead reel
Crixus BC 800x700 (2)
Slip Resistant SuperPolymer Grips
For all day fishing comfort
Crixus BC 800x700 (1)
Attention to Details
1.Accurate Adjustment Spool Tension 
2.Line Guide
3.Classic Star Drag 
Crixus BC 800x700 (9)
Crixus BC 800x700 (10)
Crixus BC 800x700 (13)
Crixus BC 800x700 (12)
Crixus BC 800x700 (15)



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ArmorX Dark Star, Dark Star, Sea Spray, Glacier White


Left Hand, Right Hand


China, Spain


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