Is this the Best Topwater Lure for Snakehead?

I think I may have just found the best topwater lure for snakehead fishing.. or at the very least the best lure for the money.  You can currently get a 5 pack on Amazon for just $16.58.  If you just want to try out one, you can get it HERE for about $3.  Considering most topwater lures start around $6 that alone makes them worth it.  But this lure checks off all the boxes for just being an awesome topwater lure, especially if you’re targeting snakeheads.

Here’s what I love about this little lure outside of the cheap price:

  1. It’s designed for an easy hook set.  Few things are more frustrating then finally having your lure sucked down only for you to go set hook and the lure come flying back at you at the speed of sound.  This little wanna be suicide duck has a slender head and a big round body that easily compresses exposing plenty of hook.  Nothing is getting in the way of this hook blasting the fish’s pallet.
  2. The lure always sits upright.  I’ve fished with a number of topwater frogs, a large number of them seem to want to ride upside down, or they’ll submarine if I start reeling in too fast.  For some reason this little guy fast or slow always comes back exactly how it should, even as it starts to fill up with water.
  3. It’s small but has amazing action.  I’ve found bigger is not always better.  If you pull it fast the spinner kicks up plenty of water and if you pull it very slow it has almost a little waddle in the water all the while the spoon on the back is spinning.  It’s small in size but HUGE in action and should have no problem getting the fish, especially the snakehead to bite.  The fact that it is smaller prevents short strikes.
  4. The blade spins and it’s location prevents hangups, it really is weedless. The blade is a spinner on a barrel swivel and it is attached to the weight that keeps this little duck upright.  The nice thing about that is the blade sits just a little higher than the bottom of the hook.  This means if you’re pulling the lure through weeds and muck it isn’t coming back with a bunch of junk hung up on the blade.  It skims right long the surface which is in part why it’s such a perfect snakehead lure.
  5. It sinks suuuuuper slow when you stop.  I found this interesting, and I think could really help with short strikes, or if you’re fishing in heavy vegetation.  When you pause the retrieve the lure will start to sink but crazy slow.  Like maybe an inch every 2 seconds.  I’ve fished heavy vegetation where there is a random little opening and though it be great if when I stopped that the lure would drop a little to catch the eye of a fish that might be hanging out in the vegetation break.

There are plenty of other great topwater fishing lures out there.  If you’re targeting snakehead checkout snakeheadoutlawz on facebook.  They have something called the “Snake Charmer” that everyone raves about.  It’s a very similar design to this duck lure with the spinning blades as well.  With that said if you’re just looking for a cheap topwater lure, that doesn’t get hung up, has great action, and an easy hook set, I just can’t see how you can go wrong with this little lure.  Highly recommended!



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